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Our Story

For me the most enjoyable moments are when I get to share my music with people who sometimes feel forgotten. Nursing Homes, ALF's, and Memory Care Centers house the people who impacted our lives growing up. They cared for us, they loved us, and they made a difference, and now some of them can't even remember your name.


I remember going to a nursing home in Port Charlotte, Fl. One that I sang at on a regular basis. It was 2020, and if you recall the Covid pandemic had shut everything down not allowing people in or out. People were dying without loved ones, having babies without support and a lot of people just felt lonely and forgotten. I arrived to find out that I would be singing outside.


The building was 4 stories tall and every unit had a balcony where the residents would sit to listen. I set up my equipment in the grass and sang my heart out. Every 15 minutes I would tear down and set up again on another corner of the building for the residents on that side to be able to enjoy the music. I did this until all four corners had been able to have their own private concert.


It was hard and I was tired but I loved it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. The look on their face to have someone to sing those songs that they grew up singing. How Great Thou Art, The Old Rugged Cross, etc.. For a moment in time they didn't feel so lonely. The felt loved.


It was while thinking about that time, that a new ministry was birthed within Tammy Renee Music. We call it "We Care". We thought, what if we could create a DVD of us singing those hymns, reading scripture and giving words of encouragement. We could package it and send it to every facility in the United States for free. The residents could gather in a common room with each other for a one of a kind concert. What a great way to bring Joy!



So we have set out on a mission to do just that. Unfortunately we have learned that there are over 45K Nursing Homes, ALF's, and Memory Care Centers in the USA. That is where you come in. We would love you to partner with us. With a gift of only $20 you can support 1 nursing home. $100 would get that DVD into the hands of 5 nursing homes.


Music has been proven to improve the quality of life, increase cognitive memory and bring joy in the facilities. Will you come along side of us to make a difference?

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